Senate considers new bills

Student Senate was back in session Monday evening when three bills were introduced.

Senator Jacob Boer introduced two separate bills that will be heard next week. The first is aimed at getting an increased stipend from student segregated fees for Senate members’ pay.

The issue was brought up in the past but, according to the text of the bill, there were “reservations about the method and the lack of student knowledge and input.”

The bill proposes the creation of a special committee with “current and past executive board members to assess a credible number of hours on average per position that will be applied to the minimum wage.”

The other bill Boer introduced addressed the on- and off-campus senator issue. Currently, there must be representation by off-campus residents, but Boer said any senator, regardless of living on or off campus, has the ability to understand and vote on issues concerning the campus.

According to the bill, numerous on-campus residents have attempted to join Student Senate but could not because of a section in the Student Body Constitution, which prevents an overpopulated on-campus senate majority.

It also said the last time every off-campus position was filled was almost two years ago. If the rule was eliminated, the level of competition among those to get into Senate would increase.

Finance Commission Director Aaron Brewster also introduced the 2007-2008 organized activities budget.

These three bills will be heard Monday. Student Senate continues its meetings every Monday at 6 p.m. in the Tamarack Room in Davies Center..