Elected Senate underway

Senators scrambled around the Tamarack Room in Davies Center minutes before the 49th session of Student Senate met for the first time.

The room overflowed with new senators, returning directors, chairs, executive board members and guests.

The only legislation discussed was a brief introduction of a new bill, authored by Finance Director Matt Wisnefske.

If passed, the bill would give a fuller outline of requirements for organizational funding.

The bill is in response to problems that arose when The Flip Side requested funding this year, Wisnefske said.

The bill originally was introduced and debated in the last meeting of the 48th session, but it didn’t pass.

New senators were greeted with a long, but light, load during their first meeting, which lasted nearly two hours. Directors explained their positions, and Treasurer Adam Pettke explained a few basic rules for Senate members.

The majority of the meeting was dealt with new senators getting to know each other by introducing each other through a getting-to-know-you activity, led by Vice President Meredith Marx, which lasted nearly half an hour.

Director of Student Life and Diversity Lisa Huftel expressed some displeasure with the Senate’s initial apathy on helping to reorganize The Oasis, a student lounge for non-traditional students.

After a sign-up sheet on the project was returned to her with just two senators agreeing to help, Huftel reminded the Senate of its responsibility to help students.

The sign-up sheet was passed around a second time, and more senators agreed to help, Huftel said.

“I guess I just need to put some fire underneath people to get things to happen,” she said.

Huftel also reminded senators to do productive things during their required office hour.

“It’s not just a place to eat your lunch,” she said.