Police arrest student in Hibbard classroom

University Police arrested a male UW-Eau Claire student in a Hibbard Hall classroom Tuesday for outstanding warrants for unpaid child support and disorderly conduct.

Justin E. House, 27, was arrested while attending his 10 a.m. photography class Tuesday in Hibbard room 105, as stated in a university police report.

Tuesday morning Eau Claire police informed campus police that House had two outstanding warrants for his arrest.

House had a felony charge of failure to pay child support in Sawyer County and a misdemeanor disorderly conduct charge in Eau Claire County, as stated in the police report.

After House failed to appear in Eau Claire County court Aug. 29, officials ordered a probable cause warrant for his arrest.

At 9:10 a.m., university police officers received a photograph of House from Eau Claire police via e-mail. After receiving House’s class schedule from his parole officer, campus police went to Hibbard Hall to arrest him.

Two uniformed officers waited in the classroom while University Police Chief David Backstrom stood outside of the room, in case House tried to evade the officers. When House entered the classroom Tuesday, he stopped when he saw the officers. Police then placed him under arrest, according to the report.

Police transported House to Eau Claire County Jail and then released him to the custody of Sawyer County, where he remains in custody.

As stated in Eau Claire Court reports, House failed to appear in court Aug. 29 for a hearing on his misdemeanor disorderly conduct charge.

The charge was the result of an altercation between House and another man at the Mega Pick ‘N Save, 2615 N. Clairemont Ave.

Court documents based off of police reports stated that House assaulted the man’s daughter and then threatened and hit him.

The manager of Mega Pick ‘N Save called the police due to House’s behavior and he then left the store.

The details of House’s warrant from Sawyer County were unavailable Wednesday.