Two honored for their special kind of work

Upon hearing they were the two university employees who received the 2001 Student Recognition Award for their work with students with disabilities, Cynthia Mudrak and Scott Gaulke expressed similar reactions.

“I really enjoy working with students and it helps to be positive when interacting with them,” Mudrak said.

In most cases, Mudrak said she isn’t aware when she is working with a student with a disability.

“I try to be helpful to all the students,” she said.

Gaulke expressed similar sentiments.

“It was a nice award to get, especially since it’s student-voted,” he said.

Mudrak, a program assistant in the department of sociology, and Gaulke, associate lecturer of mathematics, were honored Oct. 31 at a reception hosted by Academic and Career Services and the office of Service for Students with Disabilities.

Mudrak was one of 11 program assistants nominated by self-identified students with disabilities for her commitment to providing information, assistance or services.

Mudrak has worked in the department of sociology (formerly the department of sociology and anthropology) for 22 years.

Gaulke said he didn’t recall going out of his way for his students.

He said he just helped them when they needed it.

He also said he tried to point students with disabilities in the direction of the office of Services for Students with Disabilities.

“I encourage students with disabilities to use those services because they have an excellent program for students with disabilities,” he said.

Gaulke, who is in his fifth year at the university, was one of 51 faculty members nominated for demonstrating excellence in teaching and advising, academic support and acceptance and understanding of individual needs of students with disabilities.

Services for Students with Disabilities began giving the awards in 1995.

It received 151 votes from students with disabilities during the 2000-01 school year.