Panel to explore historical impact of current conflict

A straightforward, unbiased discussion that puts some perspective on the happenings of the past two months will be the focus of panel discussions to be held on Tuesday and Wednesday.

From noon to 1 p.m. Tuesday in Davies Theatre, a panel discussion with four history professors from UW-Eau Claire will be featured.

Each faculty member will make a five-minute presentation, followed by open questions from audience members, said panel member and Associate Professor of History Selika Ducksworth-Lawton.

She said the panel wants to get good information out to the public, and for it to be as unbiased as possible with its sole purpose being to inform, not to influence.

The panel discussion will offer a perspective from a historical view and how the government and citizens need to take the lessons learned from the past and apply them so mistakes aren’t made again, Ducksworth-Lawton said.

Ducksworth-Lawton will focus on the military history aspect of the discussion.

“History is uniquely qualified to answer, ‘What is the price of freedom?'” she said. “History is either ignored or misused.”

Paulis Lazda, professor of history, will speak of the warfare among Muslims throughout the years, especially in Bosnia, Latvia and Russia, and relate it to the current conflict.

Assistant Professor of History Kate Lang will speak on Middle Eastern history, the Middle Ages and the Muslim faith.

And Teresa Sanislo, also an assistant professor of history, will speak about the Nazis and their relation to the Taliban, while differentiating fact from fiction.

Laura Lambert, president of Phi Alpha Theta, said the sorority will sponsor a similar forum with five student panel members from noon to 1 p.m. Wednesday in Davies Theater.

Several members of the panel will be from Phi Alpha Theta. The event is open to the public and people are encouraged to come to listen and ask questions, and hopefully put things in perspective, Lambert said.

“Nothing that is happening is new,” Ducksworth-Lawton said. “We have dealt with this before.

“The same panic has all happened in the past.”