Student Senate: Fees, food on agenda

The Finance Commission will review budget requests,and determine if an activity qualifies for segregated-fee funding under established criteria at budget hearings this fall.

This year’s sessions are scheduled for Nov. 7 and 9.

According to the Finance Commission’s Organized Activity Funding Policy, organized activities are to request student segregated-fee funding in the first semester of the academic year preceding the year of the funding request.

The policy defines an organized activity as one which “complements or supports the total educational experience of the student, and relates to the mission of UW-Eau Claire.”

Student Senate Finance Director Nate Otto agreed that UW-Eau Claire students have seen the amount paid in segregated fees rise over the years, but said that in comparison to UW-Green Bay, we pay about half of what they do.

Segregated fees on campus fund such activities as NOTA, WUEC Radio, Recreation-Intramurals and The Spectator.

The future of Chartwell’s food service contract is up in the air with their current contract ending May 31, 2002.

The new contract will be implemented on that day.

If Chartwell’s contract is not renewed, food services such as Aeromark and Sodexho-Marriot are being considered for implementation on campus.

Senate member Ben Licht said the food service that will arrive on campus will be one that “offers us the best deal and meets our proposal.”

Licht said that through food service surveys and personal contacts, he has a broad sense of what students think of Chartwell’s.

“The results really vary. Some people like it and other people hate it,” he said.

A decision regarding the food service contract will be made in April.