Postcards ask governor to change budget

With the hopes of showing Madison-based lawmakers that Eau Claire students are worried about the state’s funding of the UW System in Gov. Scott McCallum’s proposed budget, Student Senate has started a postcard campaign.

“We’ve done postcard campaigns before,” Senate Vice President Erin Brandt said. “The idea with this is it’s already filled out for (students), they just have to fill out their name and address to make it legitimate.”

The postcards have a message stating the signee is “concerned about the lack of funding provided to Wisconsin’s public colleges and universities in Gov. McCallum’s 2001-2003 biennial budget.” The note goes on to say that the budget will raise tuition “significantly” and put at risk some key programs and grants.

At the bottom of each postcard there is space for students to fill out their name and address. Brandt said cards will be taken to Madison and given to the appropriate people, probably this weekend when some senators will be in Madison for the two-day Invest in Tomorrow, Educate Today conference hosted by United Council.

Brandt said there may be a booth set up in Davies Center where students can fill out the postcards and pick up some to give to friends.