HOUSE Day draws hundreds

Sixty-four landlords and more than 700 potential renters gathered Tuesday in the Council Fire Room of the Davies Center for the university’s fourth annual HOUSE Day.

HOUSE Day, sponsored by Student Senate, is an opportunity for students and landlords to meet and check each other out.

Jack Baecker, a self proclaimed “regular” landlord at HOUSE Day, said he liked the idea of HOUSE Day because it brings a large number of people together in one day.

“Its makes my job a lot easier,” Baecker said .

Dave Kositzke, a second-year veteran of HOUSE Day agreed with Baecker, adding that the event gives him a lot of exposure.

Baecker said that HOUSE Day is good for students because they get to meet a large number of landlords and they get to see pictures of the houses instead of having to go to the houses to see what they look like.

“It’s a really good idea,” said sophomore Carrie Danielson, adding that HOUSE Day makes house searching less time consuming and beneficial for students who don’t want to sign their leases as early.

Several landlords expressed their dislike of the idea of a city ordinance restricting the presentation of properties and the resigning of leases until six months before the lease expires.

“December is still too soon for some people,” Kositzke said.