Murder brings reminder of safety issues

The murder of a 22-year-old woman is the second in Eau Claire in the past year, and police are reminding students of proper safety precautions.

Angelina Wall, an employee of McDonald’s, 1513 S. Hastings Way, left the restaurant around 1:40 a.m. Jan. 6. She was believed to be walking toward her Dewey Street home, Deputy Chief Gary Foster said.

Wall’s body was found near Fall Creek a few hours later. Autopsy reports say the woman was strangled, Foster said.

Students should be aware of when they put themselves in a dangerous situation, Foster said.

“Don’t take for granted that you can walk anywhere at anytime,” he said. “It would be foolish for people to assume Eau Claire is immune from crime.”

Good safety practices should be recognized at all times, he said. Foster said he realizes many students don’t have cars and must walk late at night. But students should avoid walking alone. He suggests arranging a ride home or using services provided by the university, such as taking a bus.

Bob Shaw, associate dean of students, said bringing alcohol into a situation often can make students lose their good judgment.

“We believe our campus is safe,” he said. “But it’s when students walk home late at night after drinking that they are putting themselves at risk.”

Students are encouraged to walk with others and stay away from shaded or dark areas of the campus, Shaw said, adding that Putnam Park should be avoided after dark.”It doesn’t make sense for anybody to put themselves in a situation that’s not safe, in any city,” he said. “Including Eau Claire.”