Budget discussion scheduled

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As expected at Student Senate’s first meeting of the semester, Finance Director James Hanke introduced the organized activities budget for 2001-2002. It is scheduled to be discussed at Senate’s next meeting Monday.

“It’s a very important thing we do,” Hanke said at the meeting, encouraging senators to be prepared to discuss the budget.

The budget was the biggest factor in a relatively brief meeting, but most senators expect a lengthy meeting next week.

“I don’t think there’s been a smooth response to any budget,” said Hanke, following the meeting. Hanke has been on the Finance Commission for three years.

But Hanke said creating the budget went very well this year, and expects only a few minor amendments to take place Monday. More than $2.15 million of student segregated fees are designated for use in the current budget.

Student Senate President Justin Hentges said last week the budget is being introduced earlier in the semester than it has been in the past.

“It’s one of the major things we do,” Hentges said. “We just wanted to get it out of the way.”

A strict majority is required to pass the budget.

Hanke said two main components play into the budget process. One is the current and projected enrollment of UW-Eau Claire students and the second is whether the proposals from the organizations themselves are reasonable.

“In general, the budget proposals were in line with what we expected,” Hanke said.

He said Health Services and WUEC Radio were the only organizations whose proposals were inconsistent with last year’s allocation.

He said WUEC is planning on making some major changes, hence their increased request- $35,000, compared to the $12,800 allocated in the previous budget. Health Services requested $100,000 more than it was last allocated, citing rising costs in the health field.

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