Movin’ the Chains: 11/8/12


Story by Eric Christenson, David Heiling, and Chris Reinoos


Movin’ the Chains is a weekly podcast run by three cool dudes who talk about a lot of absurd things and then eventually talk seriously about Fantasy Football.  Have fun and listen!

  • Stirring renditions of “Sandstorm” and several CCR songs
  • Tom Waits doing Korean Dick Vitale
  • Y’all know how much ya boy loves dem stickers
  • Mugless Dartin’ had a historical, ridiculous game with banana feet
  • Chris sneezes and burps within about 15 seconds
  • Davo had Doug Martin and he STILL lost to Eric
  • Needless to say, Eric’s team is incredible (8-1)
  • Chris does Donald Trump for 1 second
  • Chris is a big, stupid grump
  • Chris burps like a terrifying alien






  • Tom Brady is going to go banañas
  • Eric is going to smear his egg salad in Chris’ underpants
  • No one needs to hear your egg-smack
  • Plinton Cortis
  • Chris is being a really dumb, annoying grump
  • Davo coughs a lot like a weirdo
  • Eric’s egg salad sandwich the podcast
  • Davo is scooblin’ and Eric is licking egg salad off his hands
  • Chris’ testes are all knotted up
  • People don’t make fun of Gayvo
  • Talkin’ bout skate parks
  • See ya later, boi
  • Who’s the MVP so far?
  • We’re talking about MVPs and we spill Mountain Dew all over Davo’s laptop
  • The podcast is marred by tragedy
  • It’s the ghost of Movin’ the Chains
  • Arian Foster can sit on Eric’s lap
  • Chris is mad. Surprise, surprise.
  • Eric says the word ‘factoid’
  • There was a massive tragedy here today, but we made it out