Movin’ the Chains: 11/15/12


Story by Eric Christenson, Chris Reinoos, and David Heiling


Movin’ the Chains is a weekly podcast run by three cool dudes who talk about a lot of absurd things and then eventually talk seriously about Fantasy Football.  Have fun and listen!


  • It’s about hot mamas and sweet R&B tunes
  • Davo’s favorite R&B tune is “It Probably Wasn’t Me” by Shaggy
  • Eric’s great Shaggy impression
  • Chris sings Ginuwine
  • Bath salts dude in Belize
  • Davo talks about “Cops”
  • Let’s talk about bath salts more
  • Rogueish behavior
  • Eric is 8-2; he’s lost to one person; that person is Tyler Hart; Tyler Hart autodrafted his team and doesn’t set his lineup
  • Do you want to go nice plaid shopping with me?
  • We brought our high-tech sound FX board
  • Eric has no patience for Matt Forte getting 3 points
  • Davo doodles hilarious things on scratch paper
  • A billion QB injuries
  • Vichael Mick
  • Ben Roethlisberger has an unusual shoulder separation
  • Davo is really practiced at calligraphy. He is a calligraphy savant
  • Avant Bonk!
  • Byron Leftwich is a diaper load
  • Is your name John Bargaindurl?
  • Jorn Blargaindormler?
  • Hector Glorginglorg?
  • Sammy Picklebarv?
  • Mark Sanchez has 0 receiving yards
  • Eric scares people as a defense
  • Chris is annoying about Panera
  • Davo makes the worst noise with his mouth
  • Chris doesn’t like Texas Roadhouse!
  • Davo doesn’t like Damous Fave’s
  • Stop talking about chicken fingers all the time
  • Have a heart, my friend!  Have one!
  • No words are said for a really long time
  • My best friend, Burble, shows up
  • Chris’ nipples make an appearance