Movin’ the Chains: 11/1/12


Story by Eric Christenson, Chris Reinoos, and David Heiling


Movin’ the Chains is a weekly podcast run by three cool dudes who talk about a lot of absurd things and then eventually talk seriously about Fantasy Football.  Have fun and listen!

  • Let’s talk about baseball and basketball
  • Doug Martin moved the chains to the wall which he went off
  • Tyler Hart’s autodraft team is struggling
  • Chris is streets away
  • Tyler Hart shows up and chats
  • Larry Fitzgerald had a thumb in every hole in his body
  • How old do you think Will Smith is?
  • Jaden Smith’s movie is “Karate Boy”?
  • Chris doesn’t like Will Smith
  • Davo cried at “The Pursuit of Happyness”
  • Davo sings “Whip My Hair”
  • Jada Pinkett-Smith just does sit-ups
  • Jason Witten is stupid good
  • Muggy Dartin’
  • The originz of the word “redonkey”
  • Most of the Giants crapped all over the bench
  • Lawrence Tynes was Eric’s top scorer
  • Tight toots
  • Wes Welker has banana hands
  • Everyone is poopin’ on Calvin Johnson
  • Arizona’s quarterbacks are giant burlap sacks of feces
  • First-round picks have sort of been shaky
  • LeSean McCoy had a giant load of touchdowns
  • The Chiefs were eating cotton candy and making out with each other instead of playing football
  • Who is Chris Brown?
  • Davo, do you wanna be my dad friend?
  • Matthew Stafford’s face is a pumpkin butt
  • Matthew Stafford maybe ate the moon
  • The dudes compulsive sing CCR
  • Davo, are you a thief?
  • Gabourey Sidibe gives birth to gremlin dogs
  • I’m not going to give it any brain
  • Dangling crane
  • Tyler Hart comes back!