Movin’ the Chains: 10/18/12


Story by Eric Christenson, Chris Reinoos, and David Heiling


Movin’ the Chains is a weekly podcast run by three cool dudes who talk about a lot of absurd things and then eventually talk seriously about Fantasy Football.  Have fun and listen!

  • Eric eats egg salad
  • Every player on Eric’s team lost this week.  L’s down the line.
  • Shonn Greene is a real bag.
  • If there’s one thing you need to know about Chris, it’s his willingness to ride it out.
  • Backie Jattle
  • Eric’s running backs are superior.
  • Davo thinks Denarius Moore is a sneaky play.
  • Something about Hello Kitty
  • Davo traded Wes Welker to Eric for Ben Tate in Week 3, which was fun.
  • Chris wants Chris Johnson?
  • Marshawn Lynch’s ESPN profile picture is very good.
  • Who’s our buddy?
  • James Jones is our buddy.
  • Antonio Brown is playing like a sack of diapers.
  • Eric’s team is so good
  • Eric’s team is so good
  • Eric’s team is so good
  • Dandy Andy Hildebrandy’s starting Jacob Tamme.
  • Lots of boring trade talk.
  • A short discussion of Hulk Hogan’s sex tape.
  • Should you dump Philip Rivers?
  • Eric and Davo try to guess who’s doing the Super Bowl halftime show
  • Ray Lewis’ career might be over and the Raven’s D/ST is going to be so bad.
  • Wanna buy a DBB?
  • Davo drops a knowledge bomb.
  • The strugglebus might run out of fuel on Danger highway.
  • A LONG discussion of the top 5 hits from 1996, including a song by the Tony Rich Project.
  • Chris has a vow that he would never sing a Celine Dion song on the radio.
  • You almost see D’Angelo’s weinie.
  • Both Davo and Eric’s first CD was “Satellite” by P.O.D.
  • Davo and Eric both have the same middle name
  • Both of their dad’s are named Charles
  • Cookie Monster kisses his prey.
  • YOLO, Davo!
  • Antarctica is horrible
  • We brought the freshy freshy.
  • Davo leaves the room before the podcast is over.