Off the Wall: April 11, 2012


Story by The Spectator Staff

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Off the Wall is a weekly fantasy baseball podcast that appears online at every Wednesday. The show is co-hosted by Sports Editor Frank F. Pellegrino, Op/Ed Editor Eric Christenson and Copy Editor Chris Reinoos.

Frank and Chris try to provide a balance of in depth analysis and basic information for those who may be new to the game. While Eric, a fantasy baseball rookie, tries to keep the show fun and entertaining with plenty of nonsense and wild tangents along the way. Make sure to tune in and find out where the gang will be recording their traveling show from from this week!

In this episode:

  • Drew Storen will likely be out longer than was originally expected
  • How to interpret a few surprising performances from starting pitchers
    • Barry Zito, Yu Darvish, Tom Milone
  • Eric quizzes the experts on their Boy Meets World knowledge
  • An update on Eric’s weekly fantasy baseball matchup
  • Why are you ruining my life?
    • Ruining Chris’ life: Carlos Marmol
    • Ruining Frank’s life: Carlos Gonzalez
    • Ruining Eric’s life: His lower back
  • Hotties of the week
    • Chris’ hottie of the week: Omar Infante
    • Frank’s hottie of the week: David Freese
  • Eric’s 60 seconds to show off