Off the Wall: March 28, 2012

Story by The Spectator Staff

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Off the Wall is a weekly fantasy baseball podcast that will appear online every Wednesday. The show is co-hosted by Sports Editor Frank F. Pellegrino, Op/Ed Editor Eric Christenson and Copy Editor Chris Reinoos.

The show provides a balance of in depth analysis and basic information for those who may be new to the game. To keep the show fun and entertaining, there is always plenty of nonsense and wild tangents along the way.

In this week’s episode:

  • Update on Miguel Cabrera’s orbital bone fracture
  • Two high-profile closers are having Tommy John surgery and out for the season
    • Who are the likely candidates to replace them?
  • Chris Carpenter is being held back by an injury, again
  • How the heck do people steal home?
  • Why do they wear pants in baseball?
  • Exploring different strategies for how to use pitchers on your fantasy team
  • Top five third basemen
  • Top five Lil’ Wayne lyrics that reference sports