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Student Senate proposes guidelines

Frank Pellegrino

March 11, 2010
Filed under News

Student Senate passed a resolution on Monday recommending changes to the Board of Regents' policy on... Read more »

UW-L offers up changes to regents

Sara Nemec

February 25, 2010
Filed under News

LA CROSSE, WIS. - Two UW-Eau Claire students attended a UW-Lacrosse Student Senate meeting last Wednesday... Read more »

Students needed in decisions

Collin Hawkins

February 25, 2010
Filed under Opinion

Allow me, if you will, to begin this editorial with an apology. I was one of the... Read more »

Regents approve tuition hike

Frank F. Pellegrino

February 11, 2010
Filed under News

The UW System Board of Regents voted Friday 14-2 in favor of approving the Blugold Commitment. The... Read more »

Students don’t have a voice

Rob Hanson

February 11, 2010
Filed under Opinion

Before this thing gets off the ground, I would first like to apologize to anyone... Read more »

Regents approve Commitment

The Spectator Staff

February 4, 2010
Filed under News

Today the UW System Board of Regents voted 14-2 in favor of the Blugold Commitment. The approval allows... Read more »

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