2014-2015 The Spectator Staff

Courtney Kueppers

Editor in Chief

Courtney Kueppers is a junior journalism and political science student. This is her fifth semester at The Spectator. She also works part-time at the Leader-Telegram and as a producer at WUEC Radio. In her free time Kueppers enjoys... 

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Kristina Bornholtz

Managing Editor

Kristina Bornholtz is a senior journalism major and Managing Editor at The Spectator. She hopes to move to New York City and work at a magazine. In the meantime she likes french bulldogs, hot pink lipstick and reading the news.

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Nate Beck

News Editor

Nate Beck is a senior journalism major and news editor at The Spectator. He hails from Wausau, Wis. and before that, Iowa City, Iowa. Call it a trade: corn and pork for abundant cheese.

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Ellis Williams

Sports Editor

Ellis Williams is a junior journalism major and this is his fourth semester on staff, and he is also a member of the football team. Ellis is from Hastings Minn., a small town filled with captivating people located right on the... 

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Katy Macek

Currents Editor

Katy Macek is a senior journalism major and is currents editor this semester. This is her fourth semester on staff. She is also interning at VolumeOne and is passionate about writing, especially feature and currents stories in... 

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Glen Olson

Chief Copy Editor

Glen Olson is a senior journalism and philosophy major and currently serving as chief copy editor for The Spectator. He is also the senior producer and news director for Blugold Radio, 89.7.

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Trent Tetzlaff

Copy Editor

Trent Tetzlaff is a junior journalism major in his third semester on staff. An avid Wisconsin sports fan, Tetzlaff would like to be a sports reporter for a daily newspaper or a beat writer for the Brewers, Bucks or Packers.

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Meghan Hosely

Online Editor

Meghan is a sophomore organizational communications major from Sun Prairie, Wis. This is her third semester on staff and her first semester as an Online Editor. In her free time, Hosely enjoys spending time with her friends and... 

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Ryan Alme

Staff Photographer

Ryan Alme is a senior majoring in geography. This is his first semester at The Spectator as a staff photographer.

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Sam Martinez

Staff Writer

Sam Martinez is a senior from Richfield, Wis. He is majoring in journalism and this is his second semester on staff. When he is not busy with school or The Spectator he enjoys playing guitar and watching movies.

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Sami West

Staff Writer

Sami West is a freshman English and special education double major. This is her first semester at The Spectator. She is also involved in choir on campus. A native of Lino Lakes, Minn., she loves exploring the Minneapolis/St... 

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Brian Sheridan

Staff Writer

Brian Sheridan is a sophomore journalism major and multimedia communications minor. This is Brian's first semester at The Spectator.

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Nick Robinson

Staff Writer

Nick Robinson is a junior from Wausau. He transferred to UW-Eau Claire in... 

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Raina Beutel

Staff Writer

Raina Beutel is a senior Blugold and a first semester writer for The Spectator. Although she has a focus in broadcast journalism, she joined The Spec to gain print experience and meet some of the raddest writers on campus. In... 

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Nick Erickson

Staff Writer

Nick Erickson, the former Editor in Chief, is a staff writer this semester because he simply couldn't imagine being at UW-Eau Claire and not being at The Spectator. Nick spent winter break at The Washington Post, which convinced... 

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Lauren Kritter

Staff Writer

Lauren Kritter is a junior business administration major with a minor in journalism. This is her first semester at The Spectator. She hopes to write some great and interesting stories.

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Hailey Novak

Staff Writer

Hailey Novak is a sophomore English creative writing major from Wausau. This is her first semester on staff as a staff writer who enjoyed writing editorials most. She also enjoys Gossip Girl and reading nonfiction in her free... 

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Matt Rothschild

Staff Writer

Matthew Rothschild is a Staff Writer for the Spectator and Entertainment Media Producer for WUEC Blugold radio.  His preferred area of reporting is technology, culture, arts and entertainment.  On the side he is an avid gamer... 

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