2014-2015 The Spectator Staff

Sam Martinez

Staff Writer

Sam Martinez is a senior journalism student. This is his first semester as a staff writer for... 

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Jake Steen

Staff Writer

Jake Steen is a senior journalism student. He grew up in Cambridge as the oldest of three where... 

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Anna Mateffy

Photo Editor

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Meghan Hosely

Copy Editor

Meghan Hosely is a sophomore organizational communications from Sun Prairie. This is her second... 

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Kristina Bornholtz

News Editor

Kristina Bornholtz is a senior journalism major and news editor at The Spectator. She hopes... 

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Nick Robinson

Staff Writer

Nick Robinson was born in Wausau. He transferred to UW-Eau Claire last semester. This is his... 

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Austin Mai

Staff Writer

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Matthew Rothschild

Staff Writer

Matthew Rothschild is a senior journalism student and multimedia minor. Along with The Spectator... 

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Courtney Roszak

Staff Writer

Courtney Roszak is a sophomore journalism major. She is originally from Sheboygan. Outside... 

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Glen Olson

Staff Writer

Glen Olson is a senior journalism and philosophy student. Along with being a staff writer at... 

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Jessie Tremmel

Op/Ed Editor

Jessie is the Op/Ed Editor for The Spectator. She is a Journalism and Women’s Studies double... 

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Trent Tetzlaff

Copy Editor

Trent Tetzlaff is a junior journalism major in his second semester on staff. An avid Wisconsin... 

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Rachel Streich

Chief Copy Editor

Rachel Streich is a senior journalism major. She enjoys writing about events in the community... 

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Ellis Williams

Sports Editor

Ellis Williams is a junior journalism major and this is his third semester on staff, and he... 

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Katy Macek

Currents Editor

Katy Macek is a senior journalism major, creative writing minor and Currents Editor at The... 

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Nick Erickson

Editor In Chief

Nick is in his fourth semester on The Spectator, and it is his first as Editor In Chief. He... 

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Courtney Kueppers

Managing Editor

Courtney Kueppers is a junior journalism and political science student. This is her fourth... 

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