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2015-2016 The Spectator Staff

Lauren French

Editor in Chief

Lauren French is a senior journalism student and Editor in Chief at The Spectator. When she's not at The Spectator or the Leader-Telegram, Lauren enjoys hiking, practicing her rusty Mandarin Chinese skills and planning wild... 

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Colette St. John

Managing Editor

Colette St. John is a junior marketing analytics major from Chaska, Minn. This is her third semester with The Spectator. Her interests include spending time with her friends, hanging out at coffee shops and pursuing her many... 

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Gabriel Lagarde

News Editor

Gabriel Lagarde is a senior journalism student and this is his second semester at The Spectator. He is the News Editor and, when he is not swamped with coursework or journalism, he likes to avoid people, grab a Diet Dr. Pepper... 

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Trent Tetzlaff

Sports Editor

Trent Tetzlaff is a senior journalism major in his fifth semester on staff. An avid Wisconsin sports fan, Tetzlaff would like to be a sports reporter for a daily newspaper or beat writer for the Brewers or Packers.

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Sami West

Currents Editor

Sami West is a sophomore English, critical studies student. This is her third semester at The Spectator and second semester as Currents Editor. West also works part-time at the Leader-Telegram. A Minnesotan, West loves exploring the ... 

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Brian Sheridan

Opinion/Editorial Editor

Brian Sheridan is a junior journalism student from Oshkosh, Wis. This is his third semester at staff. When he's not at The Spectator, Brian gets involved with the theater department by helping with shows and being part of The... 

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John Mattison

Online Editor

John Mattison is a junior from Rochester, Minn., majoring in marketing and integrated strategic communication – public relations. His interests include traveling, playing sports and spending time with friends.

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Kendall Ruchti

Photo/Multimedia Editor

Kendall Ruchti is a junior public relations student from Kenosha, Wis. This is her second semester at The Spectator as the Photo/Multimedia Editor. When not working at The Spectator, Kendall enjoys photographing her friends, live-streaming... 

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Thomas Hensen

Chief Copy Editor

Thomas Hensen is a senior journalism student in his first semester at The Spectator. In his free time, Thomas likes to cook, read, swim and correct people on improper grammar. If he could, he'd be wearing Birkenstocks.

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Andee Erickson

Copy Editor

Andee Erickson is a sophomore journalism and geography student. This is her second semester on staff. She prefers to spend her free time reading, running and camping.

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Angel Vang

Copy Editor

Angel Vang is an English literature major and journalism minor. She is a third-year student from Oakdale, Minn. She loves baked goods and dogs. She enjoys journaling, reading poetry and rainy, gloomy days.

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Stephanie Kuski

Staff Writer

Stephanie Kuski is a communication studies major and a native of Rhinelander, Wis. She enjoys a variety of music, reading classic novels and spending time with friends and family in her free time.

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Jordan Niles

Staff Writer

Jordan Niles is a senior creative writing major from Appleton, Wis. He is the PR and marketing lead of the English Ambassadors in addition to his position at The Spectator. He enjoys music of all genres, video games, card games,... 

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Faith Hultman

Staff Writer

Faith Hultman is a sophomore English education student. This is her first semester working at The Spectator. She is passionate about generic pop music, knows an extensive amount of Harry Potter trivia and not-so-secretly wishes... 

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Sadie Sedlmayr

Staff Writer

Sadie Sedlmayr is a junior journalism student, and this is her first semester at The Spectator. She enjoys reading, writing and photography.

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Andrea Montgomery

Staff Writer

Andrea Montgomery is a sophomore political science student and staff writer with The Spectator. She likes kale, conspiracy theories and James Franco. She does not like grapes or losing arguments.

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Alyssa Anderson

Staff Writer

Alyssa Anderson is a sophomore journalism major and history minor. A native of Mokena, Ill., Anderson spends her free time overdosing on coffee and good books, exploring the hidden gems of Eau Claire and wasting all her money... 

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Brianne Hageman

Staff Writer

Bri Hageman is a freshman journalism and communications student starting her second semester at The Spectator. In her free time, she enjoys drinking unhealthy amounts of coffee, contemplating the universe and traveling anywhere... 

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The official student newspaper of University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire since 1923.