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2013-2014 The Spectator Staff

Alex Zank

Op/Ed Editor

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Danielle Pahl

Multimedia Editor

Danielle is a senior broadcast journalism and creative writing double major and multimedia... 

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Meghan Hosely

Staff Writer

Meghan is a freshman organizational communications major and is in her first semester on staff.... 

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Courtney Roszak

Staff Writer

Courtney is a freshmen journalism major with a political science minor. After college, she... 

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Glen Olson

Staff Writer

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Jessie Tremmel

Staff Writer

Jessie is a senior journalism and women's studies double major. After graduation, she hopes... 

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Trent Tetzlaff

Staff Writer

Trent is a sophomore journalism major in his first semester on staff. An avid Wisconsin sports... 

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Austin Mai

Staff Writer

Austin is a sophomore journalism major at UW-Eau Claire. He enjoys writing on sports as well... 

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Rachel Streich

Staff Writer

Rachel Streich is a junior journalism major. She enjoys writing about people and events in... 

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Ellis Williams

Staff Writer

Ellis is a sophomore journalism major and staff writer at The Spectator. Ellis has an interest... 

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Katy Macek

Copy Editor

Katy is a junior journalism major with a minor in creative writing. After graduation, she will... 

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Karl Enghofer

Graphic Designer

Karl Enghofer is the graphic designer for The Spectator. Karl is a senior print journalism... 

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Cori Picard


Cori ┬áis a senior print journalism major and creative writing minor. This is her second semester... 

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Katie Bast

News Editor

Katie Bast is a senior journalism... 

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Zack Katz

Currents Editor

Zack Katz is a junior journalism major and Currents Editor at The Spectator.

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Nate Beck

Chief Copy Editor

Nate Beck is a senior journalism major at UW-Eau Claire and the Chief Copy Editor for... 

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Nick Erickson

Managing Editor

Nick is a junior journalism major in his third semester at The Spectator and first... 

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Courtney Kueppers

Copy Editor

Courtney Kueppers is a sophomore majoring in Journalism and Political Science. She someday... 

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Steve Fruehauf

Sports Editor

Steve Fruehauf is a junior journalism major at UW-Eau Claire and is the Sports Editor this... 

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Emily Albrent

News Editor

Emily Albrent is a senior majoring in journalism and News Editor of The Spectator.

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Elizabeth Jackson

Photo Editor

Elizabeth is a senior journalism and history double major and the photo editor at/of The Spectator.... 

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Martha Landry


Martha Landry is a senior journalism major and Editor in Chief of The Spectator. Martha is... 

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