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2016-2017 Staff

Sami West

Editor in Chief

Sami West, Editor in Chief of The Spectator, is a junior journalism and English, critical studies student. This is her fifth semester at The Spectator. West also works part time as a reporter at the Leader-Telegram. On the...

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Lara Bockenstedt

Managing Editor

Lara Bockenstedt is in her senior year studying journalism and literature. While reading and writing are dear to her heart, nothing (and she means nothing,) compares to quality breakfast food. While she deeply enjoys traveling,...

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Colette St. John

Marketing Program Coordinator

Colette is a senior marketing student from the burbs' of the Twin Cities. She loves to catch up with friends at various adorable coffee shops in the Eau Claire area, and enjoys being a part of everything possible at UWEC. This se...

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Anne Sandell

News Editor

Anne Sandell is a fifth year student double majoring in creative writing and integrated strategic communication. Born and raised in Minnesota, Sandell enjoys hanging out with her cat, spending time in the great outdoors, and...

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Andee Erickson

Projects Editor

Andee Erickson is a third year journalism and geography student. This is her third semester on staff. As projects editor, she's looking to write some good stories and cover the effects of budget cuts on campus. Erickson gets...

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Parker Reed

Sports Editor

Parker is a 21-year-old junior journalism major and sociology minor. If he isn't writing statistic-laden sports stories, you can find him working at Blugold Radio 99.9FM, Blugold Radio Sunday, Revival Records or playing in his...

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Sydney Purpora

Currents Editor

Sydney Purpora is a junior studying journalism with a minor in multimedia. She enjoys writing, reading and spending time with friends. Along with her time at The Spectator, Sydney works as a part-time reporter for The Chippewa...

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Faith Hultman

Op/Ed Editor

Faith Hultman is a third year English education student with a minor in Spanish. She is passionate about Wisconsin's dairy heritage, rainy days and cheap European hostels. In her free time you can probably find her trying to...

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Kendall Ruchti

Photo/Multimedia Editor

Kendall Ruchti is a senior studying public relations with a minor in multimedia communication. This is currently her third semester as the photo/multimedia editor at The Spectator. When she's not out on photo excursions, Kendall...

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Erica Jones

Chief Copy Editor

Erica Jones is a sophomore working toward a journalism major and a political science minor. She has a passion for DIY projects and a knack for shoe shopping. If lost, you can probably find her petting a dog.

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Nicole Bellford

Copy Editor

Nikkie Bellford is a sophomore staff writer with an intended major in journalism and minor in multimedia communications. She enjoys spending her time discovering as many coffee shops as possible and channeling her inner mermaid...

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Elizabeth Gosling

Copy Editor

Elizabeth Gosling is a junior journalism and French education student. Originally from Appleton, Wisconsin, Elizabeth enjoys traveling, spending time in nature and socializing with friends and family. If you need to look at her...

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Kelsey Smith

Staff Photographer

Kelsey Smith is a staff photographer.

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Graham Rowe

Staff Writer

Graham is an organizational communications and French major. In his free time he enjoys reading, juggling and hanging out with friends.

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Alexandria Martin

Staff Writer

Alexandria is a freshman journalism student. She is from a small town up north and enjoys reading, writing and being outdoors. She also loves animals with all her heart.

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Rachyl Houterman

Staff Writer

Rachyl is a junior majoring in journalism and minoring in political science. She enjoys keeping up with the news, as well as spending time with her family and dog. She is passionate about reading, writing, Netflix, puns, warm...

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Sam Farley

Staff Writer

Sam Farley is a freshman journalism student from Rochester, Minnesota. When she isn't studying or writing, Farley can be found knocking down pins at the Hilltop Bowling Center, exploring the outdoors with her camera or binge watching...

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Kelsey O'Connor

Staff Writer

Kelsey is a junior studying public relations with a minor in military leadership.  She is also a cadet in UW-Eau Claire's ROTC program. Growing up in the small town of Ashland Wisconsin, she discovered a love for Lake Superior and ...

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Gabriel Lagarde

Staff Writer

Gabriel Lagarde is a fifth year senior and this is his 3rd semester at The Spectator. He likes to write and coordinate hard-hitting, impactful stories. In his free time, he likes to read and drink copious amounts of Dr Pepper.

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Deanna Kolell

Staff Writer

Deanna Kolell is a senior with a creative writing major and an integrated strategic communications minor. This is her first semester at The Spectator as a copy editor. She also works as a tutor at the Center for Writing Excellence....

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Stephanie Smith

Staff Writer

Stephanie is a sophomore at UWEC and this is her second semester as a staff writer at The Spectator. She is majoring in integrated strategic communications: advertising and minoring in multimedia communications. She enjoys playing...

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Hillary Smith

Staff Writer

Hillary is a sophomore studying journalism and English. She enjoys reading, tutoring, summer, Shonda Rhimes and peaches. She is a member of UW-Eau Claire's Student Senate.

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Amanda Thao

Staff Photographer

Amanda Thao is a staff photographer for The Spectator.

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